Hi, I'm Johanna!

I've been blogging since before it was a word :-)

With words & photos scattered around the net, I decided to collate my profiles and put together a little site, as I continue to utilize and evaluate Google Workspace.

Each profile, should you decide to explore, is an expression of myself. I write, and take photos. So, here I am, starting to -maybe- put a cohesive look on them!

Thanks for checking out my site.



one north end, halifax, canada

workshop & tech lead

career development for underserved commuities in nova scotia, canada - specifically, linking african nova scotians to IT jobs. one way is by teaching a few guys (who have all the cards stacked against them) how to code !
who wants a hiring success story ?



saint mary's university

ba, major sociology/intl dev + minor business

first left my degree program to take a full time job in the internet industry, waaaaay back when it started! followed the aquisitions to toronto, montreal, & ottawa. later, worked on projects in bermuda; managed dot coms; moved to kenya. consulting globally since.
tech + accessiblity = human rights

Send a message to [ web @ khisa.com ] or contact me through any of my profiles.

enjoy your day!